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Real estate agents tricks and how to spot them

Feb 15, 2022

We’ve all heard stories of real estate agent tricks that pull the wool over their clients’ eyes in order to get more money out of them or to tie them into long term contracts that end up costing time, money and energy.
However, we want to let you know that these types of agents are in the minority, but you should be aware of the types of red flags that will let you know whether your real estate agent has your best interests in mind.
Have a chat with them;
This might sound simple, but having a face to face chat with an agent will give you a good idea of their character and allow you to ask any questions you may have about your property needs. It’s important not to treat them like friends; after all, there is money on the line, and you need to be sure you can trust them.
Search for reviews;
No doubt your real estate agent has worked with other people before, so see what their past clients have to say about them. However, it’s important to keep a keen eye to ensure that their reviews are authentic and not created by themselves or others on their behalf. An excellent way to look out for this is if all their reviews are 5 stars and seem too good to be true!
Ask for references; 
Speaking directly to their previous clients is a good way to learn more about your agent and how they work. You can also find out more about how much things may end up costing and whether or not your real estate agent will stick to their word.
Speak to other agents; 
Although other property consultants  are likely to talk badly about other agents and why you should choose themselves over others, it’s a good idea to speak to several agents to get a lay of the land. If one agent stands out with an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is! Real estate agent tricks are sometimes easier to spot than you think!
If you’d like to know more about choosing a real estate agent with the proper knowledge and experience to assist you with your property needs and help save you money, contact us directly. 

We’ll help you on your journey to purchasing the right property for you.


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