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Living in Dubai

Dec 3, 2021

Dubai is now known to be the city of Expats and living in Dubai is an exciting experience, but all this will depend on how well you know how things are done locally.

There are some changes that have been introduced in 2020 aimed at expats which have opened-up even more opportunities. We will take a look at what it is like to live in Dubai taking into account the pros and cons and introducing some practical tips so you can plan beforehand and make the best of you living experience in Dubai.

The Pros of Living in Dubai

  • The climate is mild and quite enjoyable for seven months of the year. The other months are hot
    with cloudless blue skies yet surrounded with beautiful warm seawaters.
  • The social life is very friendly and diverse. You can find a lot of expats joining beach or hotel clubs where they spend a lot of their leisure times.
  • The sports and sport clubs available in Dubai are closely concentrated more than anywhere
    in the world.
  • Dubai’s outings are exceptional. The clubs, bars, and restaurants offer a wide range of tastes and entertainment as is probably possible.
  • The standard of education is excellent with new schools and colleges being added to the educational system almost annually.
  • There are a lot of working opportunities in Dubai in a vast variety of sectors as almost every major international corporation has a base in Dubai.
  • There is no income tax. You can repatriate funds easily. Shopping is fantastic and special offers have seasons.
  • The standard of living is very high, and the crime rate is very low.
  • Dubai is very tolerant when it comes to beliefs and ways of life. It is moderate to applying the rules of Islam to everyone’s daily life. You can buy alcohol in Dubai and those who don’t fast during the month of Ramadan are free to eat and drink as they wish.
  • The government has invested a lot in the transportation system and continues to do so. Taxis are quite cheap in Dubai compared to other major cities of the world, and so are cars and petrol.
  • Domestic help is available for families who require it.

The Cons of Living in Dubai

  • Foe new expats, Dubai will seem to be a bureaucratic headache in the beginning because you will need to have permits and licenses for everything. For example, you will need a permit for work and a permit to reside. It is advisable to get assistance from your employer on such issues in the initial stages while you adjust.
  • The months of June to September are quite hot and most expats plan their holidays during that period.
  • The traffic situation in Dubai can be frustrating sometimes, however the government is continually spending on transportation to ease the problem.
  • Schooling and housing are quite expensive in Dubai. The cost of living is also expensive and can be compared on par with living in central London.
  • There is some governmental censorship on films and access to websites.
  • Working hours can be long as companies expect a lot from their expats since salaries are comparatively high improved by lack of tax.

Living in Dubai or anywhere else is really what you make of it. It is a matter of personal choice where you balance the opportunities that it offers; such as good income with no taxes, against the possible negatives.

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